Are you an egghead iPad user like me?

I use my iPad mostly for taking notes on articles Do you bring your iPad into the kitchen to follow recipes? Or maybe you bring it out to the garage and fix stuff? My manager asked me how I use my iPad and I could only answer, “Well, I like to read PDFs and write notes in the margins. That’s my primary use.” And then I realized how academic I’ve gotten with my iPad use.

I’m not using my iPad to cook things. Or to go out and fix my car (if I had a car) or to plant a garden. Or to edit family videos. All those sound so nice and utilitarian. And here I just get obsessed with reading, taking notes and how to share my notes with others. Maybe I need to get outside my brain.

If you have an iPad, how do you use it?

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6 thoughts on “Are you an egghead iPad user like me?”

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    1. The app in the photo is Notability. I switch between Notability and Goodreader. Notability is more for taking notes. Whereas Goodreader is better for handling documents and marking up documents. Goodreader is generally the best app for making notes in PDFs. However, it’s immensely feature-rich, so it can be a doozy to set up. That’s why I wrote a blog post explaining how to set up Goodreader with Dropbox:

      Thanks for following me back. 🙂

    1. Oh yeah, I’m using a stylus. I don’t bother with the $20+ styluses, because the nibs have the same quality as the super-cheap ones. I like to buy these styluses and regularly hand them out to my iPhone and iPad friends:
      The range of available colors makes them fun for people to select their favorite color.

      The app I use to write notes, Goodreader, is mentioned in a previous comment on this blog post.

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