Learn to make eBooks from InDesign: Part 1

InDesign icon eBooks ePubAs I’m learning how to create eBooks, I will be archiving all the webpages and PDFs I read; and all the items I install. I’m hoping that as I find these resources that they will be helpful to others who are learning how to make eBooks.



Adobe’s eBook intro page.
— Has a bunch of broken links. 

The real eBook intro page you want:
— There are links to PDFs at the bottom of this page.

InDesign to iBookstore white paper
eBooks: From Adobe Indesign to the Apple iBookstore” (PDF)
— Covers the basics. Good intro

Amazon & Apple sucks, Adobe rules
“Adobe eBook Platform: Authoring and delivering eBooks across devices” link?
— Could have been titled, “Why the world shouldn’t use the kindle or iBookstore platform. Instead they should use Adobe Content Server.” This paper is more of an explanation why the Kindle and iBookstore stinks. And why Adobe Content Server rules.

InDesign to Kindle white paper
eBooks: From Adobe InDesign to the Kindle Store
— Reading now.

“Kindle Comics: The Coming Digital Comics Revolution”
(Kindle book by Canby Samson) Says out just how graphics have to be sized and shaded to make them readable on a Kindle.
mentioned at http://www.lindsayburoker.com/interviews-success-stories/creating-comic-book-ebooks-for-the-kindle-with-mark-toner/
— But this book is no longer available on Amazon.

Others to read:


Adobe Digital Editions

Kindle Plugin for Adobe InDesign

Kindle Previewer


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2 thoughts on “Learn to make eBooks from InDesign: Part 1”

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  2. There seems to be no help for InDesign CC 2014! I’ve searched and read lots of articles white papers and videos but nothing is about this newest version beyond exporting to epub. I have an illustrated book I was able to successfully export as a fixed layout epub for sale on Apple iBooks. I got Calibre and tried converting to mobi and AZW3 for my amazon Seller account, but the conversion moved and messed with the font and pictures’ layout. I don’t know how to fix it other than just pay someone else to convert my Amazon books. The Amazon plug-in is not updated for the new ID CC 2014 either. Can you help?


  • For creators, searchers, readers, and curators | Matt Maldre

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