The distractions from reading

Do you find it hard to read on a Kindle, because you are easily distracted? My friend Marco wrote on Google Plus about an New York Times article, “Finding Your Book Interrupted … By the Tablet You Read It On

This is why I still can’t read books on an iPad or Nook. Magazines and newspapers are one thing, but I like less distractions when I’m reading a short story or novel, and my short attention span keeps pulling me away from the book and toward FB, games, etc. (link to Marco’s post)

Here’s my blunt response:

As someone who regularly reads books and long-form blog posts on my iPhone, I do not find any distractions on my iPhone. It’s a weak argument. It’s like saying, I’m reading a book, but OOOOH! I have this OTHER book in my bag! Or OOOOH! I have this OTHER magazine in my bag. Or OOOOH! I can look out the window.

No. You simply sit down and read. Just like how you read a book, you sit and read on a tablet.

You know what I call people who can’t read on a tablet, because email is close at hand? I call them weak.

On a side note, Marco, I like seeing you post on Google Plus. I just hope this post on Google Plus didn’t distract you from the book you were reading.

Yeah, I’m really blunt. Marco can take it. What do you think? Does reading on an eReader distract you? Please leave a comment on Marco’s post.

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