Tumblr’s focused sharing method increases sharing

After thinking about how Instagram limits their feature base, it made me start thinking about how other sites do the same thing. Tumblr’s main sharing feature is simply to reblog. And tons of people do it. In fact last year I did some research to see which add-on sharing services work best with tumblr and I found that people rarely, if ever, click on a “like” button tumblr. Or digg or retweet. One of these days I’ll dig out those stats and share them.

The people on tumblr simply just reblog. And it works.

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1 thought on “Tumblr’s focused sharing method increases sharing”

  1. Youtube is another example of keeping focus. Try searching for a user on youtube. You can’t. You can only search for videos. I’m not sure if I completely agree with this route youtube takes, but it does keep the focus on videos.

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