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One thousand Kobos equals six cents

The poor Kobo. The unloved eReader. The Kindle, the iPad, even the Nook are far more popular than this little Kobo. Yet somehow the American Booksellers Association just agreed with the Kobo to make it their official book distribution platform. They dumped Google in favor of this little guy. Did you know that the Kobo […]

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Kindle doesn’t know how to correct eink to e-ink

The Kindle doesn’t know how to spell the name of it’s own screen technology! E-ink is what creates the paper-like screen on the Kindles. While reading a book with the Kindle app, I wrote a note inside the book. Inititally I typed “eink.” The Kindle auto-spell didn’t correct “eink” to “e-ink;” instead it offered ink, […]

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InDesign icon eBooks ePub

Learn to make eBooks from InDesign: Part 2

More resources I’ve found on my second day of researching how to make eBooks from InDesign. ================ Barnes & Noble’s eBook publisher home “PubIt! ePub Formatting Guide” (PDF) Download our ePub Formatting Guide for information on how best to format your ePub document. — pretty much tech specs, raw stuff. — The maximum viewing […]

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InDesign icon eBooks ePub

Learn to make eBooks from InDesign: Part 1

As I’m learning how to create eBooks, I will be archiving all the webpages and PDFs I read; and all the items I install. I’m hoping that as I find these resources that they will be helpful to others who are learning how to make eBooks. ================ Read Adobe’s eBook intro page. — Has […]

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Free graphic novels on the Kindle

Four things I discovered about trying to read a graphic novel on a kindle. There are only 17 free graphic novels for the Kindle. The most intriguing free graphic novel is Bananaman ranked at the bottom, #17. I “bought” Bananaman for free, and now the book’s ranking is #16. Since one purchase moved the ranking […]

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Amazon and Goodreads

Amazon and Goodreads partnership

Since Amazon is not the most socially friendly website out there, would it be possible for Amazon and Goodreads to partner? I’d love to have better social sharing abilities for highlights and notes on my Kindle books. 3/29/2013 UPDATE: Amazon has bought Goodreads! My analysis: Good news and bad news from Amazon buying Goodreads

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