Better note-sharing on the Kindle


Imagine a Kindle where you can easily write notes in the margins of a book, share those notes with friends. Or even share those notes with anyone in the world that will read that book. Imagine being able to read a book where you can activate an option to show all the notes from people have previously read the book.

Right now all eReaders lock down the annotated notes into their own platform. Very short-minded. That’s viewing books in an old way. One of the things I like about sharing a print book with a friend is the ability to share all my hand-written notes in the margins with a friend.

If you wrote notes in a book, you should be able to save and syndicate those notes anywhere you please. To have them locked into a proprietary system is like putting your  thoughts into a prison. Free your notes! Let them be known to your friends and to the world.

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