How many highlights does it take to move up the most-highlighted Kindle list?

I’ve started keeping track of how adding highlights to a Kindle book moves it up the “most highlighted book” list on Amazon.

Right now I have a book that has 30 highlights. It’s ranked 11,701 on the list. I will add highlights and see how it moves up the list. (The book is “John 12-21 MacArthur New Testament Commentary“)

I will do the same with public notes. I’m the only customer with public notes. I have 8 notes in this book and it’s ranked 28,481. It’s not gonna be very scientific, because i’m only going check sporadically. I suppose I could track multiple books in my spreadsheet. Although, really, it should be a book that nobody else is probably reading at the moment. I think I’m safe with this John 12-21 commentary. 😉

If you’d like to see my spreadsheet, you can view it live on Google docs, “highlight tracking.”

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4 thoughts on “How many highlights does it take to move up the most-highlighted Kindle list?”

  1. In the course of one day, my notes remained the same at 8. But the ranking dropped from 28,481 to 28,589. So one can assume that out of the entire universe of Kindle books that had 8 notes, 108 of those books got additional notes in one day.

  2. it would be interesting to take a set of twenty books. Each book has a consecutive number of notes. So one book would have one note. Another would have two notes. Another has three. And then track how the ranking changes for all those books.

    You would be able to track how many books get notes added every day in the Kindle universe.

  3. OH I was wrong on counting the number of highlights. 10 billion people could add notes to the most noted one, 9.9 billion to the second, and you would notice no change in the rankings

  4. We just launched two eBooks today on amzon. They currently have a ranking of 20,745th in books with Public Notes. Ten minutes later it’s 20,752nd.

    It dropped 7 ranks in a matter of ten minutes!

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