Learn to make eBooks from InDesign: Part 2

InDesign icon eBooks ePubMore resources I’ve found on my second day of researching how to make eBooks from InDesign.

Barnes & Noble’s eBook publisher home

PubIt! ePub Formatting Guide” (PDF)
Download our ePub Formatting Guide for information on how best to format your ePub document.
— pretty much tech specs, raw stuff.
— The maximum viewing size of the nook screen is 600 x 730 pixels.
— Cover images supplied for marketing purposes typically range between 500×600 to 600×730 pixels.
— The page margins should be set at 30 pixels on the top and sides, with 20 pixels on the bottom.

Googled: ePub check. Got the following:
— use Validator
— files must be under 10mb
Some crazy ePub makers using applescript and terminal commands
Mac app to check ePubs

How to unzip an ePub

Edit ePub eBooks with Your Favorite HTML Editor
— Suggested changing the file extension from “.epub” to “.zip” That didn’t work.

Unzip and Zip EPUB files safely with these AppleScripts
— This works

How to copy mobi files onto your kindle

You can copy documents in supported formate to your Kindle following these easy steps:
— Connect your Kindle to your computer via USB cable. After drivers are installed, you can see your Kindle device as a disk drive
— Navigate to “documents” folder on your Kindle device
— Copy your files in supported format there (PDF/TXT/MOBI/PRC/AZW)
— Safely eject the device
Your documents should now be visible along with your other eBooks in the home screen.

site:pubit.barnesandnoble.com pixelated
site:pubit.barnesandnoble.com bitmapped
site:pubit.barnesandnoble.com fuzzy
got nothing

Horizontal reading on the Nook is not possible
— nuts

Nook for Mac

Downloaded the application. Unzipped it. Opened the dmg. Dragged the “NOOK for mac” app over to my applications folder. Launched the application. A large gray window appears covering almost my entire screen. A smaller white box in the middle show the nook logo. It immediately goes into the opening animation where the reflection moves across the logo once. There’s a few seconds pause and the animation starts again, only the reflection stops on the “n” in “nook.” Nothing else happens. I try clicking on the logo. Double clicking the logo. Dragging an epub file onto the logo. The menu at the top doesn’t have any options for me to open a file.

BN customer service had me use Nook Study

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