Four reasons why private circles don’t work on Google Plus

Would you like to be in any of my circles?

Do you wish you could filter out posts you don’t care about on Google Plus? Take Guy Kawasaki with 4.6 million followers. Great tech business mind of Apple. But the man posts photos of everything in his life. Who cares for that? Readers should have an option to not be in the circle where he shares those posts.

It would be great if people on Google Plus posted content to specific circles. That way, people get only what they are interested in. For the past year I’ve posted all my items on Google Plus to specific circles. Rarely did I make any of my posts go to the entire all public.

Recently I came to this realization and tweeted it:

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I’ve come to similar conclusions. I was excited by the promise of circles as I had long done this on Facebook through custom lists, which are functional but a pain in the neck to use.

Matt Maldre

I’m glad to hear someone else trying to use lists/circles. I wish there was a way of having people subscribe to particular lists/circles. But people never know which circles they are in. It’s all a secret.


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