Yahoo to shut down the internet’s 7,000th most popular website

AltaVista in 1997

On July 8, 2013 Yahoo will shut down the old-school search engine

Yup, Memories of the late 1990s of when it was one of the top search engines.

  • 1995: Founded at
  • 1996: Became the exclusive provider of search results for Yahoo!
  • 1997: Earned US$50 million in sponsorship revenue.
  • 1998: AltaVista the first searchable, full-text database of a large part of the World Wide Web
  • 1998: Sold to Compaq
  • 1998: Compaq paid AltaVista Technology Incorporated (“ATI”) $3.3 million for the domain name
  • 1999: Compaq redesigned AltaVista as a web portal, hoping to compete with Yahoo!
  • 2003: (February) Bought by Overture
  • 2003: (July) Overture itself was taken over by Yahoo!
  • 2013: Shut down

(info culled from wikipedia entry on Altavista)

You’d think that nobody visits AltaVista anymore, right? Wrong. As of today according to Alexa, is the internet’s 7,049th most popular website in America. Alexa reports their demographic is largely 55-64 year old males, no college.
AltaVista's traffic rank according to Alexa

What does a rank of 7,049 mean? Here are other sites with similar ranking:

  • 7039
  • 7065
  • 7085
  • 7116
  • 7157
  • 7176
  • 7177
  • 7189
  • 7196
  • 7206
  • 7257

That means gets as much traffic as these other sites! Well, not for long, because Yahoo is going to shut down on July 8, 2013.

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