Get more mileage out of comments you give

How to give your comments more reach

Do you ever feel like not leaving a comment on a blog, because you feel like it won’t be seen by anyone else other than the author? With the dominance social media today, people are more apt to make their comments on another social media channel rather than your lonely blog post.

Imagine if today’s blogging system online treated comments like mini-blog posts. Whenever someone leaves a comment on another website, the author of the comment could have the option to publish the same comment on their own site. With this system, the author of the comment would get more mileage out of authoring a comment.

Other ideas for sharing your comments:

  • Google Plus: You can still make the comment on someone’s website. Just copy that comment and the blog post URL, then paste it into Google Plus.
  • Reddit: Search for the article URL on reddit. If someone already posted the article, then paste your comment into the comments area. If the article doesn’t exist on reddit, then submit the link. Then post your comment into the comments area.
  • Delicious: Bookmark the article on delicious. In the description area, paste in your comment.
  • Twitter: You can make these tweets manually, or you can have them automated through delicious and IFTTT. On delicious give your bookmarks a specific tag, and IFTTT will tweet it out for you. (I currently use another service to automate this, but I forget the name. At some point I’ll write a tutorial and publish it on the blog)

I’m currently using all four of these systems. You can read my comments at: Matt Maldre on Google Plus, Spudart on Reddit, “Commented” tag on delicious, and @mattscomments on twitter.

Where do you prefer to leave comments on blog posts? On the blog post itself? Twitter? Facebook?

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