Why Pinterest has not killed Tumblr… yet

Tumblr growth rate faster than Pinterest
Graphic courtesy TechCrunch

Tumblr is growing faster than Pinterest (via PNConnect)

When Pinterest came out, I thought it would totally kill Tumblr. Tumblr is just one steady stream of EVERYTHING. When I subscribe to Tumblr feeds, I see the whole mix together. What a mess!

Pinterest has the potential to be so much better than Tumblr, because Pinterest users are forced to organize their pins onto specific boards. This is HUGE. A pin can only exist on one board on a user account.

This sort of organization could potentially yield great usability from the reader’s side–if Pinterest decided to implement it. Things like, the reader could say, “I only want to see the boards that touch on XYZ topic.” But no. Instead Pinterest went the other route, the Faceook route, of putting “suggested pins” into people’s feeds. I don’t want more garbage, Pinterest. I want to see only the topics I want to see–in an organized manner.

Perhaps Pinterest is not gaining as fast as tumblr, because Pinterest’s lack of tapping into the potential of utilizing the organization that boards can bring.

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