How to get men to use Pinterest

As any other male can attest, I find the female-dominated pins on pinterest rather uninteresting. I have a simple idea for Pinterest to get men using the site more. Here’s my letter to Pinterest.

Dear Pinterest,

I have a solution that will get more men to use your site. I would like to be able to filter out all the pins and boards that include keywords like: hair, dress, wedding, cute, cleaning, candles, receipes, cooking, baking, shoes. If I didn’t have to look at all those items on my homepage, I would come back to the site.

But right now I end up spending 75% of my time unfollowing boards that people create. Please let men filter out boards and pins by keyword.

Matt Maldre
Senior Web Marketing Strategist of Tribune Media Services in Chicago

Please feel free to write Pinterest with the same idea. In order for this to become a reality we need lots of people asking them for this feature. Feel free to even copy and paste my letter above.

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