My dream app: an RSS reader with editable PDFs

What is your dream app?

What is your dream app?

I’d like an app that combines the functionality of an RSS reader with a PDF editor. This extremely powerful RSS reader would present every article as a PDF that you can annotate and highlight. Your notes on each PDF would be easily exported to share via social media and on your own website.

The PDFs that you skip or don’t mark up would automatically be deleted like in a traditional RSS reader. The PDFs with marginalia would be saved.

Thanks to @manamica for asking this question on the Jelly app.

I’d really like to hear what would be your dream app? Please leave your thoughts in the comments on this blog post or on Twitter, Jelly, Google Plus, or Facebook.

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6 years ago

It might make more sense to have a normal RSS reader that allows you to annotate and then exports to PDF, rather than everything being converted to a PDF first and deleting the unmarked ones.

Mike Maddaloni - @thehotiron

I would like an app where I could easily breeze through my photo collection and tag the photos, then allow me to search on them, compile, etc. This would not be a Web site or service or cloud-based function, it would be something I owned myself.

Oh, and if there’s something out there already, please let me know!



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