Instagram needs user lists

As Instagram grows bigger and bigger with the inclusion of Android phones, people need better ways to manage their friends they follow. The solution? Instagram needs lists or groups.

Right now I follow 100 people. I can handle the photo feed of 100 people pretty well–mostly because everyone posts just one photo at a time. There are some people who like to post five or more photos at once. But eventually, I will unfollow that person.

I also like to look through the list of what my friends have liked and commented on. This is where it gets sticky with more people. Right now Instagram only shows about 30 updates of what my friends have liked or commented on. And that is only the past two hours. I can’t go back beyond two hours.

I would dare to say if you have over 100 friends on Instagram you can’t really follow everything. Yes, I could manually limit the number of friends I have. But Instagram is going to have to face the challenge of how their service is changing from being a “select few” service to one that is for the masses.

Facebook and Twitter both faced the challenge of how their service had to function when people had more than 100 friends. They allowed people to create lists. Instagram needs to follow suit.

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