Is Instagram getting too big?

The Chicago Theatre letters stacked on the sidewalk resting in the sun Lion or sunshine? I'm expecting to see Sentinel Prome on top of the Jewelers Building

Instagram, the wildly popular photo app on iPhones, just released an Android version.

I’m kinda curious how this larger audience will affect my usage of Instagram. One of the things I liked about Instagram was that is a nice small stream of photos. If more and more people join, I’m concerned that there will be just too many photos to go through.

I’m thinking about this in comparison to Flickr. One of the aspects of why Flickr is not as popular as it used to be is that it’s more of a warehouse for photos. Instagram is more of a selected feed of only people’s best and most current.

The smaller stream of Instagram is enticing, because it’s not overwhelming. With soon double the audience, there’s gonna be a lot more to consume.

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