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Idea: a script to find Flickr photos being used online

Flickr is a great place to find photos to use. Many photographers assign their photos with a Creative Commons license, so any can use the photos. (there are different requirements with this license. Some require attribution. Some don’t allow profit use.) Whenever I see an article using a Flickr image, I almost always click over […]

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Rare hashtags

It’s funny to find hashtags on Instagram that are rarely used. When commenting on a photo, I’ll often combine two words together into a hashtag. And then I click on the hashtag to see if there any other photos. Apparently is the first Instagram photo with the hashtag:


The 39 most essential iPhone apps of the past five years

The apps that make your phone’s home screen have special honor. The

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The next Google: personal search

Where did you post that thought? Did you save it in Evernote, or in Google Drive? Maybe it’s in your Dropbox. Perhaps it’s on your blog, or maybe you tweeted it. Hmmm. Where is it? Wouldn’t it be nice to have one site where you can search through everything you have? A unified search through: […]

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Flickr is for quality photos, Instagram is for bad photos

How is it that Flickr is now the place for quality photos? Isn’t that Instagram’s realm? Not quite. Here’s what has happened between the two services in the past few years. With the rise of Instagram in 2011, many photographers left Flickr. Instagram became THE photo app for mobile, while Flickr sat undeveloped since Yahoo […]

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Transforming content that is vaporous into something permanent, substantial

Newspaper sites have a problem. They have an immense amount of visitors coming to their site from from google. Sounds like a a good thing? It is. But that’s only half the picture. These same visitors visit one page and then leave. We’ve all done it as readers. If a newspaper site puts all their […]

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Flickr’s 1.4 million photos per day, Instagram’s 40 million photos per day

Flickr has 1.4 million photos uploaded per day.

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Good news and bad news from Amazon buying Goodreads

Amazon buys the popular social book reading website Goodreads. Is that good or bad news for Goodreads? Possible good news Book exchange system through Goodreads. From Kevin Eagan: “I could see Amazon

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Amazon and Goodreads partnership

Since Amazon is not the most socially friendly website out there, would it be possible for Amazon and Goodreads to partner? I’d love to have better social sharing abilities for highlights and notes on my Kindle books. 3/29/2013 UPDATE: Amazon has bought Goodreads! My analysis: Good news and bad news from Amazon buying Goodreads

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Writing on webpages is the future of the internet

I like writing comments right onto the screen of a webpage. This is the future of the internet. I want a browser where i can draw right onto the screen, and then take a screenshot and post it to any social media site. Right now it takes many leaps to write on a webpage. Screenshot […]