Writing on webpages is the future of the internet

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I like writing comments right onto the screen of a webpage. This is the future of the internet. I want a browser where i can draw right onto the screen, and then take a screenshot and post it to any social media site.

Right now it takes many leaps to write on a webpage.

  1. Screenshot the webpage.
  2. Open the screenshot in CreatePDF app.
  3. Convert the image to jpg.
  4. Go the library in CreatePDF.
  5. Select and send the image to Notability.
  6. Open Notability
  7. Select the image in Notability
  8. Draw on the screen
  9. Export as PDF to email.
  10. Open email app
  11. Open email
  12. Download PDF
  13. Convert PDF to jpg
  14. Open pictures app
  15. Select camera roll album
  16. Select image
  17. Send image to social media.

That’s crazy. I want to be in my browser, select “draw on screen.” Draw. Crop. Then post to social media. All in the browser.Most people don’t spend the time reading the text caption underneath the photo. It’s a lot easier to have the caption right inside the photo. That way, when people share the photo, the original caption always travels with it. And it makes for a nice tidy, fun, package.You immediately get the point when the text is written on the photo/webpage.

Plus, the handwriting gives a personal touch. This is the future of the internet.

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1 thought on “Writing on webpages is the future of the internet”

  1. I could send the screenshot to Brushes. But I find the handwriting feature in Notability a lot more natural than the brushes in Brushes. For instance, you can’t place a simple dot for an i in Brushes. When you just tap, it brings up the menus. Brushes wants you to continuously swipe your finger across the screen to make marks.

    Maybe I need more practice writing in Brushes. It would save me the extra steps of converting the screenshot to PDF and then back to jpg.

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