Blogger comments system is kinda bizarro

One of the reasons why I don’t host this blog on blogger is that blogger makes it too hard to comment.

At first glance their commenting form looks like any other.

  1. You type in your comment.
  2. You get to pick what profile you are commenting as (Google, Livejournal, WordPress, Typepad, AIM, openID, Name/URL)
  3. You click “Publish”
    Seems like that’s all there’s to it, right? Publish means publish. It’s done. But then you get to another screen with the same comment form, but now with a captcha. I feel as though my comment should have already been posted. But now you have to continue with the next step
  4. Fill out the captcha.

Often times the captcha part will fall below the fold of my browser, so I don’t even know I have to fill it out.

It makes you wonder how many blogger comments are lost because people leave the page at that 4th step.

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