A universal “mark as read” for all social media platforms

Many people post the same item to several social media platforms. A photo of a building might be shared on Facebook, twitter, and foursquare. When we post, we want to make sure people across all platforms see what we have to say. But for our readers who follow us on multiple platforms, it’s a bit much. In fact, I bet many people don’t use other social media platforms, because they see duplicate content from their friends across platforms.

There’s gotta be a ton of people who don’t read tweets, because their friends already post the same thing to Facebook.

What if there was a universal “mark as read” for all social media platforms? So if you see a photo on Facebook, it would mark that photo as “read” across everything. That photo you saw on Facebook then would be marked as read on twitter.

If I read someone’s blog post on Google Reader, their tweet about it wouldn’t show up in my twitter feed. Things would get a lot more efficient.

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