How to handle content overload

With overloads of content being produced, it makes you wonder who’s reading all this content. One of the solutions is to have better curators. People picking interesting content and packaging it together to make it more relevant to each reader’s interests.

Another solution would be for us to be willing to learn more. I hope that we have a nation of learners who eagerly want to know how to do things better.

Just think of your own job. Don’t you want to learn how to do your job better? I bet you do. Wouldn’t you like quality resources that tell you how to improve your work?

What we need is a nation that embraces learning. A nation whose corporations value learning by making it a requirement that ALL employees take classes at least once a year. We all claim that our children need a better education. Why stop learning when you graduate? As we do our jobs, we need to learning all the time.

A company will improve if it’s employees each do a better job than what they’ve done before. If we are all able to excel, then our country will excel.

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