Why your own posts should appear in your news stream

All social media websites should include your updates in your own news stream. For instance, Goodreads doesn’t show my reviews in my news stream. Flickr doesn’t show my photos in my contacts list. But sites like Instagram and tumblr do show your photos along with everyone else’s.

Benefits of sites including your posts in your news stream:

  1. You can see how your posting looks alongside everyone else’s.
  2. You _get_ a chance to proofread your post in the actual environment
  3. It makes you more responsible for the content you create. Your post is part of the community.
  4. You have a feeling of real-time. One of flickr’s problems is that the site is a shoebox of archived photos. While I love the functionality of archived photos, flickr could stand to have a more of-the-moment feel to it. Instagram does that. When you post a photo, your photo immediately appears in the stream of other photos.

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7 years ago

I can’t tell you how many times I’ll post something on Goodreads, and then I check my news stream to see how my post looks, and then I’m wishing my own posts would appear in my news stream.

7 years ago

I find it ironic that “You a chance to proofread your post in the actual environment” ought to have been proofread before it was finalized, then you might have recognized the need for adding the word ‘get’. 🙂

7 years ago
Reply to  bodacious75

ha! good one, Bruce! The blog post is now corrected. Hahaha.


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