Programming should be taught in all schools to all students

The things that we need in the future, should be taught to students today. Programming should be taught to every high school student.

In the past programming was considered a niche topic that only attracts to certain people. Instead I’d rather have everyone have a knowledge of what is pertinent to our society in the future, and programming is a large part of that.

At the very least we should be teaching coding to every student.

I bet when algebra and calculus first came around, it wasn’t taught to everyone, because it was thought to be too focused. And not for the general masses. But today we teach calculus–a math that is largely based on theory. Why not teach something that has more practical use? Programming.

The focus should be more on ‘information literacy.’ Given a simple language, like python, it’s not unreasonable to expect a student to be able to do basic arithmetic and string functions. Building on that, being able to find and digest documentation (such as to use an API) would be pretty important.”

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These thoughts were inspired by reading a slightly unrelated article, “Why the Web Hasn’t Birthed a Prettier Craigslist”


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