Feedly is my number one source for inspiration online.

Feedly plus creativity websites equals inspiration

Why does this RSS reader beat out the likes of Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram? Read my blog post, Where I find my inspiration online.

A summary of the points:

  • Facebook: too noisy, doesn’t show you everything from your Pages
  • Instagram: too noisy, too slow (scroll, scroll, scroll through images)
  • Twitter: not quite the visual medium yet
  • Pinterest: Super-cool second placer, but they throw too many other things into your feed
  • Flickr: more of a research tool than a discovery tool

Why Feedly wins:

  1. Pick your exact sources.
  2. Ability to see all posts (Feedly does not pick them for you).
  3. Once you mark an article as read, you never have to look at it again.
  4. Mobile ready (of course the other social media services offer this, so it’s really three points)

For all the details, read the full post on my creativity blog.

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