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How long have you been signed up for a particular website?

Do you ever wonder how long you’ve been on services like Spotify? Twitter and Facebook provide your sign-up date, whereas some services don’t. Searching through your email is certainly one method of finding your sign-up date. But what if you either deleted the email, or the service never sent a welcome email?

How to keep track of all your sign-up information in one spot.

Whenever I sign up for a new service, I always bookmark my profile page on On the bookmark, I tag the name of the service. When I signed up for Spotify, I tagged my profile page with “Spotify.” Now I can go to my delicious bookmarks and see the date of the bookmark.

Bookmarking your profile

Today, being curious how long I’ve been on Spotify, I found the answer easily: since 7/14/2011.

I’ve been using this profile bookmarking technique since 2006. It’s not too late for you to start doing the same. This is just another example of how the delicious bookmark system is still handy to this day.

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