How to turn off Twitter’s algorithm timeline

Twitter dying?

When Twitter rolls out their algorithm timeline to everyone, it looks like there won’t be a way to turn this feature off. However, I will have my own method of turning it off. Turn off Twitter altogether–which I might be doing more of.

Twitter has become too much of a consumption thing for me–I spend too much time reading on Twitter as a way of procrastinating.

This year I’m focusing more on creating, so that means less time on Twitter. With this algorithm timeline development from Twitter, that means I’ll be spending even less time on Twitter. Hence, in a way, turning off Twitter’s new feature.

(hat-tip to Chris Thilk’s blog where I originally posted this thought in response to his blog post about Twitter’s algorithmic timeline.)

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Erik Maldre
Erik Maldre
4 years ago

I know you’re not a fan of the likes and favorites, but these algorithm timelines screw up how people use the like and fav buttons. People use them of Facebook to get the feed of people they like to rank higher. It really becomes a “I like this person” button and not a “i like this content” button. It also works the other way around. People will see something they like, but see it’s from a person that posts way too much stuff all the time, and as a result the person will not like that post because they don’t… Read more »

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