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How to upgrade Google Play from individual plan to family plan

Everyone loves Spotify for its unlimited music. But imagine if you could have unlimited music and no ads on Youtube videos–for the same price as Spotify. That would be Google Play.

The Spotify individual plan is $9.99/month. You get music.
The Google Play individual plan is $9.99/month. You get music and no ads on Youtube.

A few months ago I dropped Spotify for Google Play, and I really love how I’m getting all my music, plus no ads on Youtube. In fact, I might just drop Netflix too, because now I watch all my video stuff solely on Youtube.

I love it so much that my wife wants to get in on my plan.


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Thanks for the tip! Did it work? I’d like to know as I’m thinking about doing the same.


Matt! Please let us know whether it worked. You’re the only clear source of information out there on the subject! Please don’t leave us on a “hopefully it works”!


Yes, I know it’ll work for Google Play, but did it work for YouTube RED too?

Topher Gutbrod
Topher Gutbrod

You can have the support call you from the youtube help page and they will refund and cancel your current subscription and then they will transfer you to the google play music team to set you up with the right subscription. or at least they did that for me.

Drew Horine

UPDATE: There is now an Upgrade button in YouTube Red. Navigate to to manage your subscription.

You’ll be charged the family rate on the next billing cycle, but can begin adding members immediately.

Very glad to see this update. Thanks, Google!

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