Instead of ad blocking, control which ads you can see

You buy a product online, and then the next day an ad for the very same product is shown do you. Do you wish you could right-click on the ad to say, “I already own this. No more ads for this product.” That would be handy, right? “I don’t need to own another one of these products, thank you. I just bought this one, don’t you know this?”

Right-click to like/dislike ads
A mockup of what the ad control plug-in would look like

Mark if you own the product already

We should be able to tell the advertiser that we no longer want to be see this ad–and the reason why: I bought this, or maybe I don’t like this topic.

Comments on the ad

Imagine a world where you could interact with the ad. Treating the ad like a blog post, where you could leave public comments on the ad. Then all the ads all over the internet become more accountable, because you have all these people commenting on them.

Like, dislike the ad

Menu options for ad control plug-inEven more efficient is this idea by Sparxmind, “it’d be nice if ads had thumbs-up, thumbs-down, and report buttons.”

A thumbs-up/down would be handy. How did the advertising world not think of this already? Certainly they have; and they haven’t implemented it for whatever reason. You’d think everyone would benefit in the long run to have relevant ads that people want to see.

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