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Come across an interesting segment on a podcast? Do you ever want to share one snippet of a long podcast? Right now, it can be a challenge to even find a direct link to the podcast; and impossible to share just the snippet.

WYNC is looking to solve this problem of sharing podcast snippets with their new open source “audiograms” tool (available on GitHub). Select a section from an mp3, and make it into a video file. You can pick the background image and caption for the visuals in the video.

The tool is still in progress with closed-captioning coming.

The tweets work pretty slick on the desktop version of When you scroll down to a tweet, it automatically starts playing (with the sound defaulted to off). You just click on the sound button to turn the sound on, and there you go.

However, when the tweets are embedded, they don’t automatically start playing. Just as you can see on my blog post here. In fact, the time length doesn’t even appear on the tweet.

I’d love to see the length count included in the teaser for the audiogram. Granted, the time shows up once you click play. But when I’m on my desktop I generally won’t click on something to watch/listen unless I know how long it’s going to be. WYNC might be looking for Instagram and Twitter to provide the length in the teaser. As of right now neither provide that info on the desktop.

In the meantime, maybe I’ll make some of my podcasts into audiograms. You can check out my podcast, Maldre Radio, on Soundcloud.

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2 thoughts on “Post short clips of audio onto Instagram and Twitter”

  1. Hey Matt – We found Audiogram around December of this year. Our initial excitement turned to disappointment after learning how difficult it was to set up. Luckily, we are software developers but realized your average podcaster wasn’t going to take a stab at github.

    So we built Wavve (http;//

    Our tool allows anyone to quickly set up a “template” to create sound cards on-demand. Similar end-result but no manual setup, hosting, or dealing with JSON files.

    Podcasters love it but we also are seeing bloggers & businesses use it to get their verbal message out on social. Would love to give you (or any of your readers) access!

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