Replace Facebook with Feedly for your source of blogs

Feedly and Facebook

Tired of Facebook picking what articles you see? Do you ever get frustrated by how Facebook often doesn’t show you articles from Pages you really like?

Feedly is your answer for following the blogs you enjoy. You get to pick what you see, and you’ll never miss a post! Plus, you can easily mark posts as read, so you’ll never have to see them again. Take THAT, Facebook!

Most blogs are trackable by Feedly, so you can add any number of blogs to your own Feedly account. I have over 1,500 blogs in my Feedly account, but you can simply put in five blogs, or any amount.

Anytime a blog has a new post, Feedly automatically pulls it in for you to read.

I suggest starting off with blogs from people you already know. For instance, you can add this blog to your Feedly! Just enter into Feedly, you’ll get updates as soon as posts from my site are published.

As you get more feeds, you’ll find the folders very handy to start organizing your feeds. I put all my people into a “People” folder.

Since I subscribe to over 500 blogs by people I know online, I split my “People” subscriptions into three folders

  • People: 0 (214 subscriptions) People with whom I’m closest with. Generally, people I know in real life
  • People: 1 (203 subscriptions) Blogs of people who I know online
  • People: 2 (157 subscriptions) Other people, whose blogs I don’t read as often

After that, I have blogs organized by topic. Here’s my folder structure, so it could give you an idea of how to organize yours:

  • Adobe blogs (9 subscriptions)
  • Art (45 subscriptions)
  • Art: inspire (17 subscriptions)
  • Art: positivity (16)
  • Baseball (15)
  • Center for Lost Arts (21)
  • Chicago: ad agencies (12)
  • Chicago: design agencies (60)
  • Chicago: marketing agencies (21)
  • Chicago: multimedia agencies (12)
  • Christian (9)
  • Comic news and blogs (16)
  • Creativity (55) I LOOOVE checking this list.
  • Creativity high frequency (12)
  • Design (10)
  • Entertainment (25)
  • Etc Tuesday (27)
  • Etc Wednesday (26)
  • Etc Thursday (12)
  • Etc Friday (34)
  • Inspire illustration (13)
  • IWU artists (20)
  • Linguistics (100) Yes! This is 100 blogs about linguistics!
  • Local: Chicago (30)
  • Local: Chicago art (81)
  • Local: Lincoln Square news (18)
  • Lutheran (25)
  • Marketing: content marketing (9)
  • Media (11)
  • People: 0 (214)
  • People: 1 (203)
  • People: 2 (157)
  • People: Matt Maldre (10)
  • Publishing (16)
  • Services I use (42)
  • Unfiled (51)
  • Visualizations (57)
  • Work: TCA partners (11)

Your category structure is totally open for however you would like to organize it. I do wish Feedly offered the ability to put folders within sub-folders. If you think so too, please up-vote this suggestion on Feedly’s feedback forum.

If you are curious about any of my categories, just let me know, and I’ll be happy to share all the sites within any category on this list. I’ve spent ten years fine-tuning this list!

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