Just so you know, I’m the very first person on Twitter to ever use the hashtag #AllHailEmperorPalpatine. Rather surprising this hasn’t been tweeted yet, given Twitter’s 10-year history.

At least you get to vote for your leader. #AllHailEmperorPalpatine

I did so with my fictional twitter account, @atourriten, the Death Star librarian. While sitting at my desk in corporate America, I like to stare out the window and imagine what it would be like to work on the Death Star.

With the Presidential election in full swing, and everyone complaining about the other candidate, we needed a fresh perspective. Someone who doesn’t even live on our planet, but instead lives—and works—on a space station under the rule of a maniacal emperor.

Google search results for #allhailemperorpalpatine

The hashtag also doesn’t exist in Google—which this blog post will correct.

#AllHailEmperorPalpatine on Instagram

It’s also not on Instagram. I’m open to suggestions on what I should post to Instagram with #AllHailEmperorPalpatine (preferably nothing about our two presidential candidates—which might take away the fun from it all. But really, those jokes are so tired).

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