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Can you remember the last time you hurt your back? How long did it take you to recover? I can’t remember either of these things, and I should.

I’m starting a health log to track whenever I feel sick or have a back ache. Then I can see how long it takes me to heal from various things, and view the frequency of how often it happens.

My google sheet for tracking my health

My Google Sheets health log has columns for Type, Date, Notes, and Attempts to heal. I might need other columns, but for now, these are good.

Does anyone else keep track of their ailments? If so, how do you keep track?

Another method is to use a diary. Keeping track in a diary is a good start. If you regularly keep a diary, you are already in the habit of writing things down, so you’ll be more likely to record your progress. However, in the future when you want to quickly find how long it took you to recover from something, you have to hunt around. And it would take you even longer to calculate the frequency of whatever ails you. Imagine trying to look through all your diary notes for when you got sick in the past five years. It would take forever.

The spreadsheet makes things clean and focused. Plus, you can sort the information however you like.

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1 thought on “Google Sheets health log”

  1. For those who would like to use a sheet like this, I was able to get the weekday to auto-fill using the following formula:
    =CHOOSE( weekday(B3), “Sun”, “Mon”, “Tue”, “Wed”, “Thu”, “Fri”, “Sat”)

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