Slow walker to enjoy surroundings or to stare at cell phone?

The New York Post made a funny and truthful video about how much New Yorkers hate slow walkers.

we put hidden cameras on one of our producers to capture reactions

People walk by this guy and give him evil stare-downs. How dare you walk so slow! However there are times in the video where the guy is on his cell phone.

There’s a difference between a slow walker and someone walking with his/her phone. A slow walker may be enjoying the surroundings–which is totally cool. A person walking slowly absorbed in a cell phone is not ok.

Too bad the slow walker in this video is not walking around to enjoy his environment. Instead he’s doing a zombie stroll. Of course people are going to stare at him. Zombies are invading New York City! When zombies attack, maybe they’ll be attached to the screens of a cell phone. “Glowie screeen.”

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