How to make a collage from all your iPhone screenshots

In 2016, I have taken 453 screenshots on my iPhone. 142 of them are Pokemon Go. Ahhh, 2016. And for no other apparent reason, here’s all my iPhone screenshots from 2016. If you are curious how I made all these, I did them in Adobe Lightroom. The instructions are below the images.

2016 iPhone screenshots collage #12016 iPhone screenshots collage #22016 iPhone screenshots collage #32016 iPhone screenshots collage #4

I was able to make these collages in Adobe Lightroom. Here’s how:

  1. Use Adobe Lightroom to import photos from your iPhone. Whenever I import photos from my iPhone, Lightroom also imports the PNG iPhone screenshots.
  2. Search “screenshot” in Adobe Lightroom. This will bring up all your iPhone screenshots.
  3. Go to the “print” module in Adobe Lightroom
  4. In the lower left, click “Page setup…”
  5. Click the plus sign to create a new size.
  6. In the “Paper size” drop-down, select “Manage Custom Sizes…”
  7. For the Paper size width, enter 8.5 in. For the Paper size height, enter 25 in. Top, Left, Right, and Bottom all get 0 in
  8. Double-click on the “Untitled” name and give it a new name, like “8.5×25” Your window should look like this:
    New page setup
  9. On the right hand side of the Print module use the following settings:
    Lightroom Print module settingsLightroom Print module settings #2
  10. DO NOT CLICK THE “Print” button. Instead, click the “Printer…” button
  11. A print dialog appears, click on the PDF dropdown, and select “save as PDF”. A PDF will be saved to your computer.
  12. Open up the PDF in photoshop, and save those guys as JPG files!

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