The hottest new trend: guys liking hot chocolate

What’s up with dudes and hot chocolate? write Mary Fons. “Dudes like hot chocolate. It’s a thing.” She gives four examples of guys liking hot chocolate in her Choco Case Studies. Well, make me the 5th!–actually the first–since 2008 I have been declaring on Twitter my love for the hot chocolate beverage. If other dudes want to get in on the hot chocolate trend, that’s cool with me!

Google trends show an increased number of searches for hot chocolate since 2004.

Google Trends: hot chocolate

Even Chicago ranks as the number one city worldwide for hot chocolate searches!

Chicago is the #1 city for hot chocolate

Why is hot chocolate trending?

The rationale for men liking hot chocolate outlined by Mary is quite amusing, ranging from the “history is full of stories of conquistadors and explorers drinking great quantities of hot chocolate on their travels and pillages” or men with low blood-chocolate levels.

Why do I love hot chocolate? Maybe the answer is percolating within my 30-plus tweets about the yummy beverage. Here they are:

Hot chocolate at work

says OH SNAP! I knew I shouldn't have been drinking so much Tribune-provided hot chocolate and tea. I just bankrupted the company!

says CORRECTION: my drinking all that Tribune-provided hot chocolate drove Tribune to "financially restructure their debt," not bankruptcy.

I'm happy that Tribune still offers hot chocolate in the kitchen areas on 14. Mmmm hot chocolate.

It's a great day when we have more hot chocolate at work. :)

Is there anything better than hot chocolate in a Wile E Coyote mug? @ Tribune Tower

I love that work has hot chocolate.

The rest of these tweets are not screenshots, so they might get wonked up in the email newsletter or RSS feed.


Hold or cold, it’s time for hot chocolate!

Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate

Nestle vs Swiss Miss

Hot chocolate songs



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