The Ultimate Hot Chocolate Package for the person who loves hot chocolate

A ton of hot chocolate in a custom box

Do you know someone who loves hot chocolate? Then you can give the Ultimate Hot Chocolate Package!

The ultimate hot chocolate package is a collection of all the various hot chocolates you can find! In 2007, I gave my mom the Ultimate Hot Chocolate Package.

The main influence behind me being a huge hot chocolate fan is my mom. At some point in the mid-2000s she told me how a cup of hot chocolate every day can be healthy for you. Inspired by my mom’s love for hot chocolate I gave her a Ultimate Hot Chocolate Package for Christmas of 2007.

Why did I give my mom 30 different types of hot chocolate for Christmas in 2007?

I combed over every possible place in Chicago that sells variations of hot chocolate. Collecting them all together, she received a package of over 30 different flavors of hot chocolate! Such a fun bundle to gather!

Physical stores to find hot chocolate

  • Grocery stores (Jewel, Trader Joes, & Meyer)
  • Home good stores (Container Store & Cost Plus World Market)
  • Specialty chocolate shops (Ghirardeli & Fannie May)

Armed with this wide selection of hot chocolate, all the various containers needed to be wrapped. Don’t wrap each one individually, it would be tedious to open. Instead, you want the grand impact of “wow, look at all this hot chocolate! This is heaven!”

Take an Amazon box and cut the box in half. But make the cut on an angle, so it will make a nice display box. Make sure to keep the top half of the box to help you transport it from your place to wherever you are celebrating Christmas.

Wood grain contact paperYou’ll probably want to cover the box with something, because an Amazon box by itself is a rather ugly gift. We want this to look AWESOME.

Use some contact paper with a wood pattern to cover the entire box. Amzazon sells rolls of it.

Where to easily find hot chocolate online

Or you can just shop for all your hot chocolate online! I’ve hand-picked a collection featuring a wide variety of hot chocolate being offered on Amazon. All the items are Amazon Prime, so don’t worry about shipping!

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