32-bit apps that won’t work on Mac OS 10.14

apps that won't run on Mac OS 10.14

Apple announced that their next operating system (Mac OS X 10.14) will work only with applications that are 64-bit. Applications built as 32-bit won’t run on 10.14. Flat out. Won’t run.

Do you have any 32-bit applications on your computer? MacObserver wrote a nice tutorial on how to see which Mac apps are 32-bit.

Here’s the 32-bit apps I found on my computer:

Icon: Microsoft Word
Microsoft Office 2011

Gulp. This is what we use at work for everything. Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint. Thankfully Microsoft finally released a 64-bit version in 2016.

Icon: ScanSnap

My totally awesome document scanner. The thing is always asking me to update the software—which I do. Now it makes me wonder why it hasn’t updated to 64-bit.

Icon: Cisco AnyConnect VPN
Cisco AnyConnect

Our VPN software at work. Looks like our tech guys have some work cut out for themselves!

Icon: TextWrangler

My text program. I draft everything in TextWrangler first. It doesn’t even work with the current MacOS 10.13. Last year, the developer sunsetted this free program. So sad. The developer want their users to buy the $49 BBEdit instead. 49 bucks! For a text program. Ouch. It would be MAYBE ok, if this was a lifetime subscription. But they upgrade from 11.x to the current 12 is $29.99. Soooo, every time there is an upgrade, I’ll have to fork over thirty bucks? How about I fork over nothing in the first place?

Adobe Application Manager
This one is perplexing, because Adobe Creative Cloud is on 64-bit. But the program that manages all the updates is in 32-bit. Uh, ok. I trust Adobe will fix this soon.

Icon: Audacity

Very odd that this popular audio editing program isn’t on 64-bit yet. From the looks of their Mac support forum, there doesn’t seem to be a specific plan when they are implementing 64-bit.

Icon: Filemaker Pro
Filemaker Pro (version 13 and below)

My favorite database program. I have version Pro 11. I used this heavily last decade when I was in fantasy leagues. But I haven’t been in a fantasy league for 10 years. So I can probably do without Filemaker. At least for people who use this program, it’s had 64-bit support since Pro 14.

Icon: DVD Player
DVD Player

Apple’s very own app! Dang, Apple is smacking down the DVD. Which makes sense, since they want you to watch all your movies and tv shows through the iTunes store. Plus it’s DVD media, and that’s old. But really. What if I want to play a DVD?

Icon: xStreamRipper

My old application that would record internet radio into mp3 files. I used this thing a lot back in 2004. And that was 2004, so yeah, it’s time for this application to die.

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2 thoughts on “32-bit apps that won’t work on Mac OS 10.14”

  1. Most (if not all) the apps in this list are pretty obscure. Nothing totally major. Microsoft Office is big, but they already have a 64-bit suite available. Apple made their announcement in June last year, so the big-time development companies have had some time to get their apps updated.

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