Control the topics you like for Google ads

Have you adjusted your privacy settings with Google?

You get to pick what topics Google shows you in Google ads. Pick exactly what you want to see. Cull down all those boring unrelated topics. Force Google show you super-cool ads!

A few weeks ago, I adjusted mine. Since then, Google secretly added “Pest Control” to my list! I removed that. Only super-cool things are on my list!

Google Ads: topics you like
I tried adding “Transformers” and “G.I.Joe” but those aren’t advertising topics. #bummer

Initially, your list will probably have 99 topics. It’s kinda fascinating to see what topics Google thinks you like.

Here’s ones that are questionable for me

  • Beauty & Fitness
  • Cats
  • Cooking & Recipes
  • Folk & Traditional Music
  • Hockey
  • Indie & Alternative Music
  • Luxury Goods
  • Autos & Vehicles

If you like any of those things, that’s fine. Cooking & Recipes sounds cool. But in all reality, I’m not going to click on any ads about cookie and recipes. So they are removed from my Google topics. Hockey is ok in my book, but not for ads. Cats… well, I will very rarely have an interest in cats. No more cat ads for me!

There are some things that should be a topic, but aren’t. Like, croquet. That’s not a topic. Socks aren’t a topic. I shop for socks online. Shouldn’t Google show me sock ads?

I’d like to see the entire directory tree of all the topics.

In the meantime, I’ve narrowed down my topics to only super awesome things. I want awesome ads. Google should show me awesome ads. I can’t wait to get awesome ads from Google now. I hope you narrow down your topics too! Take control.

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Jonathan Hein
Jonathan Hein
2 years ago

You use the internet and aren’t interested in cats? Isn’t that what it was invented for?

Jonathan Hein
Jonathan Hein
2 years ago

But otherwise thanks for the tip =)

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