I have a problem with Evernote. I use it an archive, not as active in-progress writing.

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When you write a blog post or a draft of something, where do you save it? I put all my blog posts into Evernote. It’s a great app to save documents and images. Having all my blog drafts together in one organized place is so handy. All the drafts are searchable. When you go to find a particular note, the search results are very handy.

If you’d like to group all your posts together, the tagging feature in Evernote is great. I tag my blog posts according to the website where they’ll end up.

However, my problem is that the drafts never really end up being published on the website.

This is not a technical problem. This is my own psychological problem. I have 1,412 blog post drafts saved in Evernote. Yipes! Why can’t I publish these articles?

Here’s part of the reason why. I view Evernote as an archiving platform, not a works-in-draft platform. Whenever I read an interesting article in Evernote, I save it to my Evernote. In the past five years, I’ve saved 4,717 articles in Evernote. (that’s about 2.5 articles per day). I also save all my screenshots to Evernote. 12,871 of those.

To me Evernote is where I ARCHIVE things. It’s an archiving tool. So when my blog posts go into Evernote, they get ARCHIVED.

I need to start viewing Evernote more as a works-in-progress tool.

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3 thoughts on “I have a problem with Evernote. I use it an archive, not as active in-progress writing.”

    1. I love the idea of Ulysses. I’m less in love with the idea of paying $5/month for their app. I suppose if it encourages me to blog more frequently, then the $5/month would be worth it. I should give their 14-day trial a shot. Thank you!

  1. Maybe if I had other people commenting/contributing directly within my Evernote, that would change my perception of it being only an archive.

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