More sports content is needed to meet the demand

The content platform offers a new tool that tracks 10 million articles/month with 3 billion page views/month. This tool gives you free stats about what’s popular every day.

The tool is:

The free version is limited, but still interesting. It gives you the top ten categories. They list the supply (number of articles) and the demand (the views).

Here’s a screenshot from January 7, 2020:

Screenshot of Parsley top ten categories for January 7, 2020

Sports has the most demand against the number of articles available

I would have thought there are a bajillion sports articles out there, totally flooding the market. Out of the ten categories, sports comes in 7th for quantity of articles. But the demand is quite high for these articles.

Perhaps there needs to be MORE sports articles out there? I would have never guessed.

Thanks to the article, “How to find under-reported topics that readers actually pay attention to” for the tip-off to this tool.

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