Facebook Page invites waiting to be accepted

Did you know there is a section on Facebook that lists all the pending invites for Pages you’ve been invited to? Apparently over the years people have invited me to lots of Pages, but I haven’t accepted the invite!

Screenshot of pending Facebook Page invites

How to get to your pending Page invites

Just go to: https://www.facebook.com/pages/?category=invites

Page invites I just accepted today

My list of invites were standing at 37, patiently waiting. Just now I accepted the invites for eight Pages where I know someone has a direct connection with the Page.

This list might not mean much to you, because you many not know many (or any) of the people on this list, but I’ll list out the new Pages:

  • hi! monkey! (invite from Moi LeSinge)
    Im a terrycloth primate on the lookout for adventures to share! Drop by anytime!
  • 321 Tunnel Gallery (invite from Eliana Briones)
    This Gallery was created to utilize a unique, historic space and keep it from being destroyed. The space was originally a segment of a larger underground pedestrian subway system built in Oshkosh, WI in the 1800’s. Having an art studio across the way made it an easy venue to make, create and show art in. The space isn’t a typical gallery space and lends itself to more installation type pieces and immersive events. We hope to continue and see it grow.
  • Pan the Cavalier (invite from Rachel Zander)
    I am a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
  • Wheels 4 Water (invite from Justin Ahrens)
    We ride our bikes to help people get safe water, hygiene education & sanitation. $50 per mile = water for life!
  • Jean Fitz Art (invite from Jean Fitz)
    Jean Fitzgerald’s drawings, comics, and illustrative memoirs recount many adventures and musings from the artist’s life spanning musical pursuits, teaching encounters, and travels abroad.
  • Michael Vidales – State Farm Insurance Agent (invite from Mike Vidales)
  • Eliana Briones (invite from Eliana Briones)
    This page is all about my artwork, and where to find it. Also just for Art fans in general….a little of my own work and some of those I love!
  • New Music Faster (invite from Peter Kreten)
    An offshoot of College Radio Day. The idea is to solely focus on new music that college radio stations should play.

View a list of all my friends Pages

I use a blog post to keep a list of all the Pages that my friends have.

How to never miss any posts from your friends Facebook Pages

You can make a list in Facebook that contains your friends’ Pages. And then sort that list chronologically. I call my list “Friends Pages”. I check it every single day. I love supporting the work my friends do.

A few years ago I wrote up a tutorial on how to make such a list: How to force Facebook to show posts from certain Pages.

If anyone sent me a Page invite that I haven’t accepted

There are 29 Pages where I haven’t accepted the invite yet. I’m not sure of your connection with the Page. Please send me the invite again, and explain to me your connection.

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