Where did you reach your 10,000th step today?

If you wear a Fitbit (or Apple Watch), it’s fun tracking where you reached your 10,000th step of the day. The default daily goal on all Fitbit devices is 10,000 steps. Upon crossing that goal, your Fitbit will vibrate in celebration.

Take that moment to observe where you are walking. Pause, take a photo, and tweet your location and what you are doing at that moment. Tweet your photo with the hashtag #10000steps.

Years from now, you’ll love seeing these moments. What seems mundane and everyday now, will be precious memories years later.

I stopped wearing my Fitbit for 20 months. Thus, my #10000steps moment stopped being captured. As of this week, the tracking device is back on my wrist and my #10000steps photos and tweets are back!

These moments are somewhat random, which makes them fun. WHERE WILL YOUR 10,000TH STEP BE TODAY?

Here’s a look at some of my favorite memories capturing these random moments

Hit #10000steps while packing up signs for Julia's first birthday party (@ Spudart Studio)
How sweet to get my #10000steps right after picking up a candy from the Felix candy pile!
Championed #10000steps on the way home from the series champion Cubs #flythew
Hit #10000steps while walking to get boxes for groomsmen gifts (at 
 - North/Clybourn)
I hit #10000steps walking to the printer making origami paper for my #wedding
Reached my #10000steps while looking at a printout of my wedding rehearsal printout
Reached #10000steps while riding the elevator back from the rehearsal dinner
Got to my #10000steps right outside my apartment while coming home via the park route.
Walking by the Lincoln Square arch while hitting my #10000thstep
Got my #10000thstep while cleaning my apartment (at @Spudart Studio in Chicago, IL)
Reached my #10000steps passing by Mr. T while walking back to my desk

If you start capturing your #10000steps moments, let me know

I’ll be glad to follow along with you!

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