My first Stack Overflow answer

For years I have been a lurker on Stack Overflow. I often hit up the site for answers. I couldn’t upvote anything, because I never posted anything. (You need some upvotes before you can leave an upvote). The site remained mostly like a book for me. I would read it for answers. But I couldn’t even write in the margins, because I never got upvoted… a chicken-egg thing.

About 10 months ago I made my first answer on Stack Overflow. If figured out how to do something simple with the WordPress API—how to include specific fields in your GET request. So I searched for questions on Stack Overflow related to this. I found a question where someone was trying to figure out how to add the ‘title’ field to the WordPress API request. I dropped a simple answer.

Now my answer has 8 upvotes. I have contributed to the world! 

So far it is my only answer I have posted on stackoverflow.

I found out that I got upvotes by noticing the “81” by my name today.

I was like, “What? how are there 81 notifications?” Apparently the 81 is points. Yay me! Now I can upvote other answers and questions.

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