Instagram’s secret to social sharing

Falling ice and falling shadows

The old method for sharing photos online is pretty simple. You post a bunch of photos. All your photos are on one URL. You share that one URL with your friends. changes all that. You can still post a bunch of photos, but there is no longer one URL to share all your photos. Instead, you can only share one photo at a time. forces you in to the method of liking or tweeting about your photo, so you can share it. There is no one website. Instead it’s all micro-little sharing. Lots of micro-sharing.

This method encourages people to micro-share each photo. One at a time. Like drops of water. You give a drop at a time, but never the entire bucket.

Is this effective? In some ways no, because you want to share the entire bucket. But ofte the entire bucket is too much. It’s not focused. It’s not simple. One photo is simple. One photo is focused. If you want to share your photos on, the only way is through social sharing methods.

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