Blogs need to allow people to subscribe to categories

The blogging platform of the future needs two main things. Community and topic-specific subscription.

Drupal allows people to subscribe to specific topics (or categories) of posts. But drupal doesn’t have a tied-in community to their platform. In fact, it’s hard to find any blogging platform that has a tied-in community. Blogger? No. WordPress? No. Livejournal? Maybe. But that’s so 2002, and for a non-professional young audience.

Huffington Post is a community, but they only allow you to subscribe on an author-level. What if I only want to read specific types of posts from an author?

The upcoming Medium will be tied together by topic, but the authors don’t have their own author page. People won’t contribute to something that doesn’t allow for building their personal brand. I foresee Medium as a topic-based blogs that have a non-personal community.

C’mon blogging world, let’s get something where I can start making posts and people can subscribe to specific topic areas and follow my posts.

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