Twitter button use on the decline

Who really uses twitter buttons anymore?

In 2012 20.02 percent of tweets with links to major news sites came from Twitter buttons. In 2013, the usage of the buttons dropped to 12.61 percent

Joshua Benton of niemanlab does a great job pulling these stats and offering five explanations why:

  • People are more comfortable manually copying and pasting a link into a tweet than they used to be.
  • People are consuming more of their media on smartphones, where mobile layouts often omit sharing buttons.
  • People are both discovering and sharing links more on Twitter than they used to.
  • News sites are deemphasizing Tweet Buttons in their layouts.
  • News sites are building their own custom share-on-Twitter buttons that don

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Matt Maldre

Perhaps I should have used really low numbers in the twitter buttons in the background. Including very high numbers kinda contradicts the question the guy is asking.

Mike Maddaloni - @thehotiron

Interesting you have a button here. ๐Ÿ™‚
I still believe in buttons and always look for them. That being said, I don’t like what some sites do with their buttons. I don’t feel I need to authenticate to their site with Twitter just to tweet, nor do I like how some use a layered box to pre-populate the tweet in small text.
Sharing will always be an integral part of the Internet, and buttons, until something better comes along, will be the way for a while.

Matt Maldre

Yeah! Oh the irony! A twitter button on a post about how twitter buttons are on the decline. In theory, it should be easy to just hit the tweet button and tweet. However, the point you bring up about the variations of how the twitter buttons function is one of the reasons why I avoid them. It’s just easier for me to copy the link and headline into the twitter box. But yeah, the internet is all about sharing. Totally. That’s why it’s nice how the author of the article mentioned in this blog post concludes that even if 10%… Read more »