Syncing blog post comments with instant messages

Imagine if blog comments could connect with IMs. Or IMs to connect with blog comments.

What do I mean?

It seems like a bit amount of work to go to a blog post, type a comment, and wait for a response. Example: I’m having a conversation with my cousin on his blog post about the Undertaker losing his first Wrestlemania match in 22 years. It would be cool if we could just chat about it via IM, and then have each of our IMs be a comment on that blog post.

When someone leaves a comment on my blog, it would open a new chat window for me, and then I would get an IM with the new comment. When I respond, the person who left the comment would then get an IM, and that person could respond back via IM. Then since we both have IM windows open, we could just chat.

Every IM from that specific chat window would get get posted on that specific blog post.

My friend Branden, a super programming genius, says via IM:

It’s doable with anything. The frontend of the chat system could be done with webrtc, or and a google hangouts app. A hangouts app could forward all messages to a script on your webserver that inserts them as comments.

I responded with delight, “oooo google hangouts app. i didn’t even know those existed
is that an app built over some sort of google hangouts api?”

Branden answers,

You can do a lot of cool stuff. A couple months ago I was looking at whether or not it would be feasible to make a hangouts app to play the tabletop game Descent. It is.

Imagine how cool it would be to have blog posts with numerous comments once again! #dreaming #hoping

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