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Calvin and Hobbes doesn’t use Google

Attention print book lovers, When Calvin wants to find information, he doesn’t run for Google. Instead, he runs for the encyclopedia. Ironically, the encyclopedia does not have the answer. (Calvin and Hobbes comic strip courtesy gocomics)

Much knowledge is still sealed in books, away from the internet

When we search for something in Google, and there are no results; we tend to think that if it’s not in Google, then it doesn’t exist. An example: A fascinating twitter account pulls quotes from various articles by the famous (and dead) art critic Clement Greenberg. Reading these abbreviated quotes are fascinating little nuggets. Often …

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Good news and bad news from Amazon buying Goodreads

Amazon buys the popular social book reading website Goodreads. Is that good or bad news for Goodreads? Possible good news Book exchange system through Goodreads. From Kevin Eagan: “I could see Amazon’s used ebook store platform (now just a credible rumor) integrated with the Goodreads platform. Goodreads already gives away ebooks on their site, so this is possible.” …

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What Google Plus should be used for

Google Plus is for sharing what you read. Facebook is for sharing about your life. We all have some friends who share waaaay too many articles on Facebook. I go to Facebook to see what’s happening in my friend’s lives. Sure, sometimes an article might be pertinent, but not when there’s an abundance of articles …

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A library with no books

The Library of the future is coming and it has no books! San Antonio has plans for a bookless library. The rendering is quite curious. iMac-o-rama I love me some iMacs, but is the future of libraries really all the same computers? For some reason, I’d like to see a diversity of computers. I like …

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What happened to Amazon’s book rankings by city?

Do you remember when Amazon used to rank books by their popularity in various cities? I enjoyed seeing which books were topselling in Chicago. Or at my alma mater, Illinois Wesleyan University. But Amazon no longer has those rankings listed with the books. What gives? To find the answer, I tweeted this question and my …

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Metadata for Olympic video

NBC is proclaiming their increased viewership is due to offering so much live video online. While that’s cool, let’s take that a step further. I don’t really care to wake up at 3am to watch a badminton tournament. I want archives. Searchable archives. What I’d like is to be able to tell my iPad, i …

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What’s that book about?

When I scroll through the book titles on my friend feed, sometimes I wonder, “what’s that book about?” I consider asking the person who is reading the book. But then I realize I could just click on the link and read the official summary. Funny how online stuff works. If a friend tells us …

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Bookstore of the future

What could the bookstore of the future look like? Bethanne Patrick, Executive Editor of Book Riot, asked this question on her blog post, “The Bookstore of the Future, Installment One: What Would Don Draper Handsell?” (hat-tip to @dbsalk for tweeting a link to this post.) I’d love to see specific niche-by-topic bookstores. Like a bookstore …

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