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Google News: Suggested for you

Google News really suggested for you?

Google offers a custom news feed according to your defined preferences. Many other players in the field are doing this, Zite, Flipboard, and now Apple. But Google has some weight here, because y’know, they are Google. For the past couple months, I’ve been fine-tuning my “Suggested for you” feed in Google news. Telling Google I’m […]

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Google Trends: social marketing strategy vs content marketing strategy

Content marketing vs social marketing

Content marketing is indeed on the rise, as Google Trends shows. As searches for “content marketing” are increasing, searches for its cousin term “social marketing” are decreasing. (View live Google Trends chart or archived version). Does this mean social marketing is going out of style? By no means! Be very careful when using Google Trends. […]

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Nine new podcasts

iTunes’ “New and Noteworthy” section had nine podcasts that piqued my interest. I’m subscribing to these nine podcasts to give them a shot. We’ll see which ones make it onto my podcast playlist on my iPhone. In no particular order, here’s the nine: Imaginary Worlds By Eric Molinsky Science fiction and other fantasy genres — […]

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A plethora of notification systems

While on my honeymoon for two weeks in France, I stayed away from social media. I even stayed away from all forms of the news online or on the TV. It was simply living life without any sort of media. They only entertainment I had was conversations with my new wife and experiencing the city […]

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