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Searching through your Google search history

Chances are you probably have your entire Google search history available for you to download. If you are logged into Google while you do searches, it keeps track of all your search terms. Many people are afraid of other’s finding their Google search history. I find it absolutely fascinating. Looking through your search history is […]

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Moby – Long Ambients 1: Calm. Sleep

The music you listened to as a newborn

Imagine if you could know exactly which songs you listened to when you were a few months old. That would be pretty interesting, right? Today’s babies can have that sort of information. My daughter turned three months last week. Here’s a chart of what I’ve listened to in that time: Generated by (and clicking […]

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What would Taco Bell play on SoundCloud?

Taco Bell has a SoundCloud account? What do you think they would play? (Yeah, I should probably listen to their channel before I write about it, but let’s first speculate what they could be playing, because that’s more fun). Taco Bell commercials. Ads would be lame. Who would want to hear an entire playlist of ads? Even […]

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