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Rare hashtags

It’s funny to find hashtags on Instagram that are rarely used. When commenting on a photo, I’ll often combine two words together into a hashtag. And then I click on the hashtag to see if there any other photos. Apparently is the first Instagram photo with the hashtag: #comiccompilations in the comments No photo has ever …

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Evernote from tags

The discovery metadata field

The internet would be a really interesting place if every article that was shared automatically had a “via link.” Ok, so the internet is already interesting. But what makes the internet such a great place is its connectivity. Everything is linked together. We can easily share a link to an article. So many links all …

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My Tweetdeck setup on a 3rd screen

My favorite way to set up Tweetdeck as a background stream

I’ve found my favorite way to keep Twitter running in the background at work. Tweetdeck is the tool, with two columns. Yup. Just two columns. If you try to use the normal Twitter stream on the homepage, you’ll have to manually click the “See 35 new Tweets” message. Plus, the homepage of Twitter shows you …

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What's popular: twitter

What’s popular in your Twitter network might be not interesting to you

Twitter is now curating a list of articles that are popular among the people you follow. A bit like what Nuzzle has been offering for years. Twitter calls this section “Popular articles”. Sounds like it would be great, right? “Popular articles” will unveil what your Twitter network considers to be good. However, you might not …

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Argus January 26 1996 Student art show illustrates diversity of field

Finding and sharing archived college memories

Does your college offer digital archives online? If so, you might find some good memories within their files. College memories hidden away in film My alma mater, Illinois Wesleyan Univerity, is a smaller school of 2,000 students. When I attended in the late 90s we didn’t have social media. To my knowledge, there was only …

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Would you like to search Feedly by article length? 

Sometimes I’m in the mood to read longer articles. I would love to be able to search within Feedly for articles over a particular word count. If you would like Feedly to add “article length” as one of the advanced search criteria filters, please upvote this suggestion on their suggestion board.